Sleuth Kings provides monthly mysteries to your door. Each month we send out physical case files in the mail and offer you the opportunity to work with Sullivan King - our Lead Detective - via email in order to solve cases and earn real-world rewards.

Not at all. Sleuth Kings' experience revolves around your interaction with Sullivan King, our Lead Detective.

If you're already subscribed, new cases start at the beginning of each month. They'll be shipped out immediately so you don't have to wait.

If you're signing up today, Sullivan will ship this month's case file to you on this upcoming Friday.

You'll be billed for your first case when you sign up. For all future cases, you'll be billed on the 1st of the month. This helps us get the case file sent out to you as quickly as possible.

Go to My Account and log in. Your subscription information and the available options will be right there.

If you're ever stumped during an investigation, you can reply to Sullivan's email with "I'm stuck," and he'll give you what additional information he can.

Our past cases are available in the Archives. Once you purchase a case, we'll send you the case file in the mail. 

Once you complete a case, Sullivan will send you a letter in the mail.  Clients will often times want to write you a thank-you note, and they will send along a small token of appreciation. 

In addition to the client's thanks, Sullivan will also include an update on the investigation into his missing father, Isaac. These updates will culminate into a FREE bonus case revolving around the search for Isaac after every 4 cases you solve.

We used to have a system in place where you were awarded points for each case you solved. The points could be redeemed for prizes.

After listening to feedback, we decided to do away with the points system in favor of monthly rewards and updates on the hunt for Isaac.

Unfortunately, in order to keep shipping free, we are not able to provide a tracking number with orders at this time.

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