Ready to work with a detective via email to solve cases and earn real-world rewards?

You've come to the right place.

Who we are:

Sleuth Kings provides monthly mysteries to your door. Each month we send out physical case files in the mail and offer you the opportunity to work with Sullivan King – our Lead Detective – via email in order to solve the cases and earn real-world rewards.

How it works:

Joining is easy – just check out this month’s case and click subscribe. Once you enter your information, Sullivan will put together a case file and send it to you in the mail. After you receive it, you can send Sullivan an email to get started on your investigation. From there, you’ll work together with Sullivan through every step of the case.


When the case is solved, Sullivan will send you a short letter in the mail along with a token of the client’s appreciation. In addition, Sullivan will include any clues or updates he has regarding the search for his missing father, Isaac.

Subscribe before 12/15 to get this month's case.