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Case 013: The Beast Within

After the last full moon, Detective Cam Jones awoke to a bloody letter from his missing girlfriend and no memory of the night before. Now, he’s afraid he may have hurt her – or worse – by turning into a werewolf.

If you can’t help Sullivan get to the bottom of what really happened before the next full moon, Cam has decided to turn himself in for murder – a murder Sullivan is confident he didn’t commit.

Case 014: The Great Escape

Erin Frye thought the fight for her life was finally over when the unthinkable happened: someone stole the kidney that was meant for her. In its place, they left only a letter – addressed to Sullivan King.

If Sullivan wants to get the kidney back and save Erin’s life, he has to play the thief’s game and knowingly walk into a trap – one that he won’t be able to escape without your help.

Buy One Get One 50% Off!

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