Refer a Friend

Want to share Sleuth Kings with your friends? When you do, you’ll earn SK Reward Points.

Pending Referral Points


How It Works

There are two ways you can earn SK Reward Points for referring friends. The first is to share your Sleuth Kings Referral URL. When your friends click it and subscribe, we’ll know you referred them.

Referral URL: [mycred_affiliate_link url=””]

Alternatively, on the subscription checkout page, your friends can also give us your name and email where prompted and we’ll get the points added to your account.

Please note: SK Reward Points from referrals aren’t added to your Rewards Account instantly – we do have to process them first. You can see how many SK Reward Points from referrals you currently have pending above. Once we process the points and add them to your Rewards Account, the pending points will return to 0.

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